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  Sport caught Alaska wild salmon and halibut are noted for great tasting and healthy meals.There are as many different ways to prepare these Alaska seafood treasures as there are fishing enthusisats. In addition to our free salmon, halibut and smoked salmon recipes, we offer 3 very easy to use recipe books for sale with proven techniques used in smoking salmon and preparing delicious meals with Alaska salmon and halibut as the main dishes. You can easily substitute any other fish caught in Alaska for the salmon or halibut, such as ling cod, trout , Dolly Varden, and yellow eye.



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Cooking Alaskan
Salmon Recipes from Alaska
is a treasure chest of ideas for those with a freezer full of wild Alaska salmon and no real idea of the variety and range of culinary uses of Alaska salmon. Salmon Recipes from Alaska has nearly 200 recipes -- some very simple, and some very audacious but anyone with some basic kitchen skills can turn the wild Alaska salmon into an experience as unforgettable as the adventure that was when the fish was caught.

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Smoked Salmon: How to smoke and preserve your salmon

Smoking Salmon and Trout is the most complete book on home processing of salmon and trout ever published! This book shows and tells you how to get the most from your Alaska seafood and has over 240 pages of authoritative information with more than 400 clear “how to” illustrations and photographs.Subjects include hot smoking, cold smoked salmon, pickling, marinating, salting, sausaging, freezing, canning , care and butchering as well as recipies from around the world tested by the author who is a nutrition expert with years of experience in the commercial preserving and processing of fish and who can help you adapt these years of experience to home use 

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Alaskan Halibut Recipes is a tribute to one of the most versatile and best eating fish in the world, the Alaska halibut. Catching an Alaska halibut is just the beginning of the adventure, as an attentive chef can find a world of opportunity in preparing this fish for the table. Alaskan Halibut Recipes has more than 200 recipes for soups, stews, roasts, fillets, hors d’oeuvres, cassaroles, and other culinary adventures. Many of the recipes can be used for other kinds of white fish.

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